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Korean culture has stood for over 5,000 years, despite the enemies who tried to destroy it. If you know how to appreciate it, you will find fascinating things always. If you are planning a trip to Seoul, you should know some basic things that are very important for and/or about Koreans. You should not ignore the cultural differences and customs, if you want to experience this great city in a memorable and enjoyable way.

Shoes… off! Whenever you enter a Korean home, you have to take your shoes off. Not doing this is a sign of disrespect for that person. The Koreans are in a special relationship with their floors, where they sit and sleep. A dirty floor will not be tolerated. They consider Westerners a kind of “barbarians” because they are wearing shoes inside the house.

No smiley faces. The Koreans are warm and generous people, but you will never realize that from the way you see them in public. Sometimes the chaotic streets of the peninsula resemble a lot of frowns, with everyone showing harsh faces (this is due to stress). The only exception is the little ones who will surely smile and greet.

Watch for the pushing. Korea is a crowded country. The result is a lot of people in a small space, and some will not think twice before pushing or crawling to catch a seat in the bus, in the elevator or to buy the best vegetables at the supermarket.Do not even bother to apologize, but take care of old women, known as “ajumma” – you do not want to deal with them.

Drinking. Never pour one drink into your glass, and when you pour it on someone older than you put a hand in your heart or with your hand to show your respect.

Strikes. South Korea has struggled hard to achieve today’s democracy and its people is the first in the world when it comes to exercising the right to protest. Differences of opinion are also present. The Koreans protest frequently and overly on all political issues. Protesters use a variety of methods, from the most violent (nervous students regularly attack the police with metal rods) to the most absurd (cutting fingers, covering in bees).

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Climbing the mountains. As Korea has many mountains, it is no surprise that one of the national hobbies is hiking. Even the busiest cities have mountains nearby, which are a welcomed refuge from the madness of crowded streets and abundant technology.

Nationalism. The Koreans are very proud people and sometimes this pride turns into accentuated nationalism. This is best seen in sports games, where thousands of Korean fans are encouraging their team in unison, drumming drums or waving massive flags.Nationalism reaches its peak when Japan is mentioned, because it invaded it several times and occupied Korea to colonize it for, almost half of the 20th century, using its resources and people.

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