The differences between Korean and European culture

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Eastern and Western culture are profoundly different. If you want to move there or only to go for a quick trip you should expect to experience a culture shock. Here is a short list with thing that are totally different between the two cultures.

The way you present your opinion

Europeanscan sometime seem impolite because for them their opinion is very important and they will do anything in their power to sure that their points are being delivered. They sometimes are strong headed and don’t seem willing to take into consideration any other point of view. It is very possible that in an argument they will listen not to understand the other person, but to reply. On the other hand, Asians love to debateand they are willing to take into consideration any point of you. They have the tendency to became sometime passive-aggressive because they hate direct confrontation. They will not be up for a direct confrontation.

The way you endure suffering and illness

For example, a European, if he is ill, tends to suffer more than an Oriental, tends to self-accuse, ruminate, increasing anxiety and depression. Moreover, he is usually dissatisfied with what he does not have and is worried about what he might lose, it could be said that Western man is the enemy of himself rather than being his own ally!

The way they see life and relations

For the European individualism is a big part of who they are. They will always seek the respect and the appreciation of other. They love to be the center of attention, to be loved by others. The ego plays a very important role in their life. In Asia, people tend to be more caring, for them success or failure is something to be shared. They have a stronger sense of community.

Time management

For the European time management is crucial, they consider that their time is extremely precious and they hate when someone is late to an appointment. On the other hand, Asian are not so focus on time, but on building intimacy.


You should also know that greetings in Asia are very different to that in Europe. In Korea people bow when they meet or they smile and nod politely. People tend to keep their distance; they avoid touching or kissing on the cheek.


Sad but very true. In Asia people celebrate together as a big family every single event and all know each other. In Europe people tend to form groups of friendships and ignore contacts with others.


Everyone knows that for the Korean technology is very important and they are practically inseparable of their mobile phone. In Asia, the mobile penetration rate here is much higher than the desktop penetration rate.

Different age

South Koreans have a different age calculation than the rest of the planet. In South Korea, babies areone-year-oldon the day they are born, then on 1 January each year their age increases by 1.If a baby is born in South Korea on March 30, 2017, he automatically has one year, and January 1, 2018 will be two years old, January 1, 2019 – three years, and so on. Thus, the age difference between South Korea and the rest of the planet will be 1-2 years, depending on the date of birth.

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